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Bible 101

Short Term Sunday School Class

Overview of the Bible from a feminine Perspective

Have you ever been embarrassed because you felt you really didn’t know much about the Bible? Do you hold the view that the Bible is ancient and out-of-touch with today? Does it bother you that the bible is mostly stories about men, told from a man’s perspective, so you’ve just been avoiding it?

What if we blew all of that out of the water and opened you up to a whole new world of inspiration and application for your life? Over five or six Sundays during Lent, we will cover the entire bible. Each class will stand independently, but you are encouraged to attend all of the classes so that you come away with a good understanding of what the Bible is all about. While we will look at the Bible from a feminine perspective, this class isn’t geared toward women only. It is also appropriate for mature youth and men, so come one, come all!

This class will be taught by Lisa Wynn, a self-proclaimed Bible Lover, Commissioned Minister and Hospice Chaplain. The class will meet in the Chapel from 10:15 – 11:05 Sundays, from February 18th through March 18th with a possible addition of March 25th. Dust off your bible and bring it to class!