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On the Path

Categories: Blog Post

As I write my newsletter article this morning, I can hear the gentle sound of rain falling outside my window. This type of weather always brings out the longing in me to find a quiet space to be still and present with God. I have been reflecting on the book, Leading a Life with God: The Practice of Spiritual Leadership by Daniel Wolpert, with which the Leadership Council and staff continue to study and pray. This month we are walking with Mary and exploring the radical openness that God called Mary into. Mary responded in openness to God by pondering what was in her heart, waiting and seeing, and ultimately following God in love.
The events of this week have given us much to ponder. We have waited by our televisions, seen the fires burning in Baltimore, and watched people being dug out of the rubble in Nepal. As I have watched these events unfold, I have been reminded of a quote from Leading a Life with God; “Unfortunately our communal life often includes conflict and power and the spilling of blood either literally or metaphorically. The church supposedly embodies the opposite process, the process of healing, of reconciliation, of cleaning up the blood. Silent prayer engages this process for the individual and the community.” We can, and should, respond to such events in our world through things like Week of Compassion, but we should respond with our prayers as well. Our prayers urge us to take on the mind of Christ, slow to anger, respond in mercy, and live in constant love. That mindset can change the world.