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After attending Southern Hills Christian Church off and on for several years while visiting family in Oklahoma, it was a no-brainer to choose a church for our family when we decided to settle permanently in Edmond. My wife, Robyn, and I along with our two children, moved to Edmond in May of 2006. We became members a few months later in October.

While I’ve been a member of Southern Hills for several years now, I only became part of the staff in 2011. I have a BS degree in Computer Information Systems from Wright State University. I’ve also been a musician for close to 25 years. As such, I tend to wear a lot of hats around here (figuratively speaking). You’ll find me in the front office weekdays, and working in the sound booth or playing guitar with the praise band on Sundays. If I’m not in one of those places, I’m probably somewhere in the building working on someone’s computer. If it has to do with sound, lighting, media or computers, then I probably have a hand in it. I’m very blessed to have found a job that relies on my education as well as my hobbies, and allows me to work with so many people I enjoy being around.