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Stepping Stones for THE Journey – 1/21/2015

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I imagine most of you have heard that my time with you is drawing to a close.  It has and remains a great pleasure and honor to serve Southern Hills.  You have a wonderful legacy, many resources and opportunities, and are graced with many faithful and caring folks.

The timing of when to end an intentional interim or transitional time is based on several factors.  First and foremost is prayer and discernment.  Our scriptures are chock-full of endings.  When Jesus was preparing His closest disciples for His ascension, Jesus promised God’s Spirit would be ever-present and would continue His ministry in and through those who would follow.  The same Spirit of God that brought you faithful ministers in the past is the same Spirit who is with you here, now, and forever.

The timing of ending an intentional interim time is always informed by several factors.  First, when a congregation begins receiving “profiles” of potential candidates; I begin looking at the profiles of congregations seeking an interim minister.  Second, I would never leave if I had any doubts about Southern Hill’s momentum and direction.  I am absolutely confident that the Pastoral Search Committee has a genuine, God-informed sense of direction and awareness of SHCC’s identity and calling.  Third, we are facing financial realities that require analysis and planning.   Staff size and congregational expectations are part of the considerations.  The good news is, as a congregation, you are smart, faithful, and committed.  Is there work to do?  Yes.  Will you, in faithfulness to God, embrace and adjust?  Yes.  Is it wise, faithful, timely, and caring for Linda and me to set sail as you discern and adjust?  Yes!

Linda and I are grateful for the opportunity to serve Southern Hills.  In genuine appreciation, respect, and love for what God has called into being, thank you!

Blessings as you embrace THE journey!