This is a Bible study discussion group whose members learn from one another through our discussion on the text we study. God speaks to each of us and through our discussion, we share our faith. Our resources are the Bible and a commentary. There is no age limit, just a willingness to learn.


Teacher: Shared Leadership

Senior Adults in the Chapel

This is a discussion class using the Uniform Series. Everything is Biblically based. It is a class who shares cares, concerns & joys with one another. We are currently studying “The Present Word,” a quarterly published Bible study, a Christian commitment in today’s world.



Teachers: JoAnn Whelan

Ages: 50’s & Up

This class does Bible studies in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The resources used are the Bible and various commentatries. This is a flexible group and is open to visitors at any time. Scripture is read and then discussed. The book of 1 Corinthians is being studied at this time.



Teacher: Tom Douglass

Ages 50-80 in Room

This class studys a variety of material, books and videos. Currently, we are completing a four book series on people of the Bible. Other topics in the past were C.S. Lewis, Cosmology/Theology and religions of the world and we have fun doing it!



Teacher: Janet Cheatham

Vibrant Older Adults

The Tumbleweeds Class is a group of vibrant older adults who are centered around various discussions on a multitude of subjects. We follow the “Spirit Seasons” lectionary curriculum which follows the church seasonal calendar. Scriptures are our grounding spirit.


Spiritual Journey

Teacher: None


No leader; discussion format. This class uses a combination of care sharing, meditation and discussion of books related to spirituality to help us deepen in relationship with each other and provide strength for our spiritual journey.