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Young Adult Sunday School Classes



Ages 30 – 96

The study for this class consists of books dealing with contemporary Christian literature and theology. This as an open, free-thinking and questioning class. We are interested in activities related to Outreach, social justice and Environmental Stewardship. We study materials that gives us tools we need to be Christians all week.



Teacher: Charlie Hattendorf

Ages 30 & Up in Room 13

This is a different type of class. We take on challenging contemporary Christian issues. We value respectful, thoughtful, open-minded discussion and a variety of opinions. We study books selected by the class. We have studied modern authors such as Borg, Crossen, Strobel, Collins, Lightfoot and many others. We also enjoy classes based on DVDs, online resources like The Thoughtful Christian and Living the Question, podcasts and current events. We share events in our lives and the lives of our friends and families.